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CyberLiaison Advisory Group help executives solves IT problems quickly. Leveraging best practices from across a spectrum of industries we help organizations maximum their resources and time to achieve unprecedented results. CyberLiaison supports organization in five distinct areas:

  1. Conduct Comprehensive Research

  2. Develop Actionable Plans

  3. Create Dynamic Presentations

  4. Deliver Extraordinary Training and Workshops

  5. Offer on-demand Consultation and Coaching


Our knowledge professionals are virtual resources that provide quick turnaround and cost-efficient solutions that are actionable upon receipt.  



Whether its cloud solutions in the technology industry, streaming in the entertainment field or cryptocurrency in the finance arena - change is afoot.


In this digital age, even the most seasoned executive is finding it difficult to meet organizational expectations. Many are finding themselves and their organizations in crisis due to the lack of resources, time and/or funding.


CyberLiaison help leaders excel, at this pivotal time in history. We leverage our knowledge professionals with expertise in more than 70 fields of study. We work with our clients virtually and on average delivery solutions within a week turnaround.


WE DO...



Research and Advisory

CyberLiaison develop fact-based comprehensive papers to help leaders in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors develop a deeper understanding of evolving matters that contribute to their decision making process.


Training and Workshops

CyberLiaison help organizations to unlock the potential of their people.  Our proprietary methodology for the rapid development of training programs has proven to promote lasting and significant improvement in productivity. Whether you choose our traditional or online training package our engaging training solutions are designed to simulate, motivate, and inform employees.




Dynamic Presentations

CyberLiaison create stunning presentations using value-added graphics, interactive animation, video production, and captivating content. CyberLiaison presentations are impactful and will allow you to convey your message with confidence.


Consultation & Coaching

CyberLiaison eliminates stress and worries. We ensure your success by making significant and lasting improvements to help you realized your vision. We have an array of subject matter experts that will help you transform your leadership style and organization. Our consultants 

seamlessly integrate and share their expertise as part of your team either on or offsite.


In a Meeting

Actionable Plans

CyberLiaison help executives expedite the implementation of emerging technologies and business practices. We tailor strategic and tactical plans that transform organizations. Our measurable success factors ensure success.



"It's not what you intend to do that matters. It's what you get done that determines your success."


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Fields of Study


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